The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest in the world, providing this area with a climate, culture, and beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. It is here that Appalachian Funeral Services are located, taking advantage of a beautiful area surrounded by majestic mountains watching over us. The staff of Appalachian Funeral Services appreciate both these mountains and their people. These are strong people with close ties to the land and their creator.

At the end of life’s journey, we should all look back and celebrate the memories which determine who we are. The staff of Appalachian Funeral Services are dedicated to treating each person entrusted to us, with respect and dignity. We offer a wide variety of funeral options, each designed to meet the needs of the individual, realizing that each person we serve is beautiful and unique.

Appalachian Funeral Services is committed to serving Jackson County and the surrounding areas with fast, efficient, and courteous service. Our facility is totally new and state of the art, yet we recognize and encourage the local traditions and values. We hope to provide funeral service which will allow our families to recognize and rejoice in lives well spent. While in our funeral home, we hope each person feels comfortable and "at home". We hope to have adequate representation from local artists and craftsmen, celebrating our rich and varied mountain culture

Mission Statement: to provide superior funeral services to our clients in both pre-need and at-need time of service. We are committed to serving each family, regardless of circumstances, with the same courtesy, sympathy, and dignity we would give our own family.

     We have some news we want to share with our neighbors in Jackson County.  We have a letter from Tom Tucker, owner of Melton Funeral Home which we would like to share with everyone:

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Jackson County

In 2004, My Dad, Tom Tucker, Sr., began working part-time at Melton Funeral Home. Dad always enjoyed helping others and never considered what he did for over 50 years as a job. He felt that his work was a mission to help people at a most difficult time in their life.

In 2009, he continued his mission as the new owner and operator of Melton Funeral Home. Nothing meant more to him other than knowing he had helped a family; when they would hug him or shake his hand and thank him or when they would send a heartfelt letter or card of thanks.  The many “thank you’s” and card or letters became a treasure to him. His love of helping people, kept him going after his diagnosis with lung cancer. After his treatments he kept going to help someone in grief. The short time he was in Jackson County were among the best years of his over 50 year career in Funeral Service.

I would like to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt “Thank You” to all who placed their trust in my father and in Melton Funeral Home. And all the Pastors he came to know were special to him as they would team up to serve the families dealing with the loss of a loved one.

It is bittersweet as I must leave Jackson County. As of Monday, June 29, 2015, David and Carrie Gates and I have merged our businesses. I feel that you, the people of Jackson County, are in very capable hands, as David and Carrie are also fulfilling their mission in life to help all of Jackson County. As David and Carrie take over the mission that began with Frank Melton and was continued by Tom Tucker, Sr., I give my heartfelt blessings and best wishes to their new mission.

If you have funeral arrangements on file at Melton Funeral Home, please go by Appalachian Funeral Services to update your pre-arrangement paper work.


Thomas L. Tucker, Jr.

What this means is that Melton Funeral Home has merged with Appalachian Funeral Services and is now closed.  All pre-need files which were at Melton are now at Appalachian. Any future calls going to Meltons will be received by Appalachian. If you have questions, please call Appalachian at 828.586.2444. 

"Honesty, Integrity, and Service"

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We will routinely be posting obituaries to radio station WRGC, 540AM out of Sylva, NC.
WRGC reads obituaries from throughout the region at 8:50 am and 11:50 am every day.

WGCR out of Brevard,NC also reads our obituaries every day.

To call our 24 hour obituary line, just dial 828 586-6123.