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Memorial Luminaire Service Planned

Appalachian Funeral Service will hold a memorial service at the funeral home on December 8 from 5:30 until 8:00 pm to honor the memories of the friends and relatives we have lost in the past year.  We plan to have a luminary bag and candle lit for each of them surrounding our parking lot.  We will have light refreshments and a gospel singing in our chapel, featuring Archie and Smoky Mountain Reunion. We will also have a Christmas tree with names of residents of our local rest homes who have no one to share Christmas with.  Please feel free to come by before December 5, and pick up a name, their needs will be written on the card.  You can fill a bog for them and wither bring it to us and we will take it to their rest home, or you can take it to them personally.  We will also take tread socks, tissues, candy (sugar free is best), combs, brushes, and other goodies to share. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. 

What this means is that Melton Funeral Home has merged with Appalachian Funeral Services and is now closed.  All pre-need files which were at Melton are now at Appalachian. Any future calls going to Meltons will be received by Appalachian. If you have questions, please call Appalachian at 828.586.2444.